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4 Chambers Refrigerated Incubator

- Individual 4 chambers controlled by independent temperature controller

- Excellent space utilization with slim design

- Durable structure against continuous operation

- Stainless Steel Internal Chamber with shelves
- Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy

- Inner Glass Door installation

- Safety assurance with C.E conformity


Air Circulation type Forced
Temp Range Ambient -30℃ to 60℃ (Ambient -54℉ to 140℉) (Low limit -10℃) 

Time Range 

00.00 to 99HR 59MIN (MIN SEC) Selectable Digital Display 
Temp controlMicroprocessor PID controller
Temp Accuracy & Stability±0.1

Temp Uniformity

±0.5 at operation temp.25ºC 

Capacity Total 500L (125L * 4 chambers) 
Dimension Internal
500×500×500mm * 4 chambers
19.69x19.69x19.69'' * 4 chambers
Dimension External
Weight290 kg
Material InternalStainless Steel
Material ExternalSteel Plate With Powder Heating Coated
ShelvesTotal 8ea supplied / 2ea * 4 chambers (Maximum Total 60ea / 15ea * 4 chambers)

Water Proof Socket 

N/A  (It can be applied as an optional) 
Refrigerator Compressor 1/4HP *4EA 
Electrical Requirements
230V,50/60Hz, 1Φ
22.0 A
Cat. No. 50Hz (60Hz)CH500R230-50

• Accessory

-Movable epoxy coated wire shelves 

(2EA / Chamber, total 8EA)

• Option

-Programmable Controller

-Digital Recorder

-2CH Hybrid Recorder

-RS-485 interface

-RS-232C interface 

• Safety Device

-Automatic reset function incoming power cut

-Buzzer on when set time arrived

-Door open alarm

-Electric leakage breaker

-Over temp function

-Refrigerator over load protection

4 Chambers General Incubator


For efficient space usage and increased productivity level, we provide 4-room chamber model that can be controlled by independent temperature controller. The users can set four different temperatures into these four different compartments and have independent processes inside of the each four chamber at the same time. 

- Stainless steel inner chamber

- Accurate temp control

- RS-485 or RS-232C interface

- Leveling caster

- Safety devices

- Digital controller

- Inner glass door

Uniformity Sheet

Shelves Details

Programmable Controller (SP-590) - Optional

Digital Recorder - Optional

Hybrid Recorder - Optional

SH Scientific is 40 years old laboratory equipment manufacturer and we supply vacuum ovens, cold trap baths, vacuum pumps, industrial drying ovens, forced convection drying ovens, CBD isolate vacuum chambers, terpene traps, stirring mantles, recirculating chillers and heaters, incubators, climate chambers, bio safety cabinets, fume hoods, autoclaves, water baths, oil baths, ultrasonic cleaners, rotary evaporators, glass reactors, clean bench and so on.

And we do OEM and custom products as well.    


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